Hot vanilla twist, service de traiteur

hot appetizers
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Beef, Veal, Lamb, Sea-foo and fish vanilla twist, service de traiteur
Including : rice or potatoes plus veggies

Minimum 8 portions

Beef Tenderloin, Porto Wine Sauce $24.00
Osso Bucco... tomatoes and fresh mint $21.60
Veal Scaloppini Zucchini Smoked Salmon $24.00
Veal Scaloppini Cordon Blue mushroom and cream sauce $21.60
Veal Scaloppini Prociutto and Mushrooms, Porto sauce $24.00
½ Rack of Lamb Provençal $20.40

Sea-food an fish

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Scallops with vermouth and Sun Dry Tomatoes $24.00
Lobster Thermidor in Pastry $24.00
French Pancake Seafood $14.40
Salmon Filet stuffed with spinach, lobster sauce $19.20
Salmon Filet : Provençal $19.20
Tilapia Filet with Leek and Crab meat $16.80
Cod filet, fenel and vermouth wine $19.20
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