Hot vanilla twist, service de traiteur

hot appetizers
hot entry

Hot entrees, quiches and tortes vanilla twist, service de traiteur

Price per portion, minimum 8 portions

Hot apperizers  
Pastry Shell Escargots, Garlic and portobello Mushrooms $6.60
Mussels Provençal Way $6.60
Manicotti, Spinach, Duck Cannelloni $7.80
Pastry Shell Seafood, Riesling Sauce $10.20
Seafood Coquille $10.20
Goat Cheese Pastry and Thyme $6.60
Brie cheese and cranberries phyllo $6.60
"Mille feuilles" of duck and celeri root $7.80
Wild meat cannelloni $9.00
Spinash & ricotta phyllo $6.60
Goat cheese & mushrooms pastry $6.60
Other Seasonnal items ...

Serving 8 portions

Tortes :
Goat Cheese and Red Peppers $18.60
Artichoke and Onions $18.60
Mushrooms, ham and Basil $18.60

Meat Pie :
Veal, Pork, Beef (2 pounds and +) $13.80

Quiches :
Black Forest Ham and Swiss Cheese $13.80
Grilled Vegetables and Fera $13.80
Smoked Salmon and Spinach $23.40
Seafood $23.40


Productions RVA inc. 2006